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SPS Stockholm on 5th of September 2020

We hope you had a good time last year at SPS-Stockholm.

Now it’s time again. This year it will be on the 5th of September and we are hoping CREOWO are ready to support our community again.

Why sponsor

Do you want to expose your products or services to Swedish SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure professionals?

If the answer is Yes then SPS-Stockholm with over 300 visitors is the place to be on the 5th of September 2020.


About SharePoint Saturday in Stockholm

SharePoint Saturday Stockholm (SPSSTHLM) is a FREE one-day conference with focus on Microsoft SharePoint, Office365 and all surrounding technologies, featuring sessions from influential and respected SharePoint professionals from all over the world.

Headlined by local and global experts in SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure and attended by >300 attendees. #SPSSTHLM is the largest SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure conference in Sweden, allowing you to engage with business decision-makers and key influencers, and to connect with prospective customers and partners.

The Conference has the following characteristics:

  • Provide knowledge about Microsoft SharePoint and Office365 with the focus of the latest technologies.
  • Free attendance for more than 300 participants!
  • Provide high quality sessions that are held by respected members of the international SharePoint community (MVPs, MCMs, community leaders, Microsoft representatives)
  • 4 tracks, each having five to six breakout sessions throughout the day.
  • Mingle with the Swedish SharePoint community during and in the after event SharePint (free beer for all participants!)
  • The sessions at this event will be in English and Swedish.
  • Not for profit organization (attendance is free, all sponsor fees go into the organization of the event)

SharePoint Saturday is a global effort, and hundreds similar events have been successfully held throughout the world in many cities (see also www.spsevents.org).

The organizers this year are David Opendries, Christian Ståhl and Jens Weil. All with a proven track record organizing events before.

SPS Stockholm gives you as a sponsor the opportunity to profile your company and/or products for an audience of 300 attendees working with SharePoint/Office356 on a daily basis.

Sponsor interaction

Working as consultants ourselves, we know how important it is for sponsors to interact with conference attendees throughout the day. Therefor we will make sure there are sufficient breaks and food is served in the exhibition area This gives you more time with the delegates to show what you have to offer!

The traditional after conference “SharePint” mingle will be held in the exhibition area as well creating a relaxed atmosphere (with free alcoholic beverages) between sponsors and attendees.

We will also host a prize raffle at the end of the day. Prizes last year in Stockholm summed up a total value of over 100.000 SEK! Attendees will have to visit each participating sponsor for this grand raffle to retrieve a punch in a punch card and get the chance to win.

Sponsor Package Matrix

*Note 1:Local and non EU sponsors have to add 25% VAT on top of the prices above
**Note 2: Explanation of a slightly higher price for EU-sponsors. We pay VAT for all costs related to the event. EU sponsors don’t have to pay Swedish VAT. Therefore we have to add a small fee to cover our VAT costs.


Sponsor booth spot

The sponsor booth can be the maximum of the size included in the sponsor package.

  • Diamond 15m2
  • Gold                3x2m (6m2)
  • Silver                2x2m (4m2)

Preliminary booth plan

The spot is a designated empty area. It is equipped with one power outlet and wireless Internet connection. Tables with tablecloth and chairs can be provided on request.

Standing exhibits may be placed on the floor behind or in front of your table, not beside it, and may not be placed in such a way as to impede foot traffic or access to other sponsors.

Note: Pavilions or music equipment is not allowed except for the diamond sponsor.

Sponsor session rooms

Diamond and Gold sponsors will have the possibility to put their branding material in their session room during the entire day.

The Diamond will get the Auditorium and the Gold will have the other break out rooms.

Room setup from last year.

Access to attendee information of attendees who opted-in

The attendee information provided upon registration for delegates who opted-in to share with the sponsors will be provided. The opt-in is bound to the participation at the events prize raffle which is assuring a high opt-in rate.

Attendee Information Diamond Gold Silver/Web
Email X X X
Full name X X X
Phone X X
Company X X
Job Title X
Interests X


SPS Stockholm cannot be claimed responsible for any false or incomplete information provided by the delegates

Brand the Lunch, Coffee or SharePint

Depending on your sponsor package you will be able to expose you company at special happenings during the event. (Check out the SPONSOR PACKAGE MATRIX for further info)

  • You will be able to brand all breaks (lunch and coffee) during the event
  • You will be specifically mentioned as the lunch/coffee breaks sponsor of the in the opening presentation of the event.
  • You can place 1 roll-up banners in the exhibition area close to buffet where the venues serve the pastry and the lunch.
  • You can place 2 roll-up banners in the exhibition area close to each of the two bars as the SharePint will be opened.
  • You can place branded standup cards on the bar tables (20) and the buffet during the conference event (organized and provided by yourself)
  • At lunch we will provide a variety of wraps, at the afternoon coffee break some pastry. Coffee and water will be provided throughout the day.

In case you want to provide other food this can be arranged with a surcharge to the sponsor package price.

50 min sponsor session

The Diamond and Gold sponsors sessions will be scheduled by the organizers into the agenda to host their own full session in their room.
The room will be marked with your company name to be clearly visible as a sponsored sessions.

All sponsor sessions will be held at the same time slot . This give you less competition from the MVP speakers.

These sessions are only allowed to run as regular community sessions. Focusing on the benefits the users can gain with your specific tool or services. It is not allowed to run as a regular marketing session. Wen all sponsors are set we will send you a finalized room plan where you can find your room. Your speakers will receive a speaker’s shirt and receive an invitation to the speaker dinner Friday before the event.

30 min lunch session (Diamond only)

The Diamond sponsor will have another opportunity to host a session at the end of the lunch. It will be scheduled by the organizers into the agenda between the normal sessions and marked with your company name to be clearly visible as sponsored session.

The session will be held in your sponsored session room (Auditorium).

Marketing Collateral

Sponsors can provide marketing materials that will be given to the delegates from their booths.

This could be a flyer, brochure or booklet and/or a small item for each of the attendees.


Take the opportunity to get even more attention to take part of the great Raffle at the end of the event. Bring one or more Items as riffle prizes. Below a short explanation:

  • Your item will be given away to a random attendee during the prize raffle before the SharePint after-conference event hosted in the exhibition area.
  • Your company will be named to the entire audience as the contributor to the raffle during the drawing
  • In order to participate, the attendees have to collect punches or stamps on a card from each participating sponsor. The sponsors have the possibility to scan the badges of the attendees when they approach the sponsor.
  • In order to participate in the grand raffle, the prize should have a value of at least 2.500 SEK.
  • Sponsors are additionally eligible to host their own raffles during the SharePint mingle.

Attendee Badges

Attendee badges will contain a QR Code, containing all the data (if provided): First name, Last name, Company, Job Title, Phone, Email address.

Badges can be scanned with any QR code reader app for smartphones.


Extra for all sponsors

CREOWO is a new forum for companies to reach out to users with an interest about the Modern Workplace.

Take the opportunity and use their new marketing tools to announce your products or services to all their members with articles and webinars.

A 6 month subscription included in the price. Visit www.creowo.com for more information.


Program manager

Jens Weil

Speaker responsible

David Opdendries


The event is Organized by:

Christian Ståhl

David Opdendries

Jens Weil


If you have any questions regarding the event please send an e-mail to info@creowo.com. Mark the e-mail with "SPS" in the subject field.

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